SUCCESS! How Terry Conquered Hunger, Weight Gain and Emotional Turmoil in her 60’s

29 06 2011


You often hear that it is very difficult, hard, or undoable to have a strong, happy, vibrant body at any age.

But if you really listen to the person making this statement, you will hear disappointment, lack of commitment and know-it-all statements. As a weight loss coach, I hear something else: I hear that person saying, “How did this happen again?”

Commitment goes down, weight goes up, you go and throw in the towel. This is why, with my Natural Weight Loss Programs I don’t promote quick fixes (never will), but rather strategies that you can implement to conquer hunger, weight gain and a activity program that is beyond the gym.
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The Forgotten Part of Health

14 06 2011

There’s more to being healthy than just fat loss, toning muscles and eating right.

The part of health that we forget is a plan for when we aren’t healthy. Read on because you can’t be without this information.

What happens to your quality of life when you’ve been in an accident and been seriously injured? By that I mean, you can’t breathe on your own, you can’t speak and you are unconscious.
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Cheat with these 5 Summer Weight Loss Foods (Results Guaranteed!)

6 06 2011

Do you like ice cream?

How about a cocktail by the pool?

Or a burger straight from the grill?

Summer starts June 21 at 1:56 pm. The parties will start. Pools wait for you to dive in. Sun chairs scream for you to lounge on them. And cocktails drizzle down your throat.


Relaxing is good for the soul.

But what might be good for the soul is bad for your body.
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Dangers Kirstie Alley doesn’t know about repeated weight loss & gain that you should

17 05 2011

Are you like Kirstie Alley– painfully struggling with weight ups and downs?

We have seen her trim and strong in movies.  Then, heavy and her body – large in tabloids.  At one point, she joined Jenny Craig as a weight loss spokesperson.  After her weight gain, weight loss and weight gain back again, she is in the news regarding her recent weight loss.
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6 Fat-Traps to Avoid if you want Quick Weight Loss Results, Burn Fat, and Stay Young the Next 20 Years

12 05 2011

woman_holding_scale_062409_mWonder why you’re not seeing the results you want? You’re probably making one (or more) of the following body boo-boos:

Mistake #1: Working out only with machines

Gleaming, high-tech machines make the gym look expensive and high-end. Truthfully, there’s a place in a workout for machines, but NOT when you’re trying to lose weight or burn fat. The problems with machines are that they alter your primal movement patterns. In fact, many of them restrict your range of motion. This is the last thing you need as you get older, because with the years, you lose flexibility, lean muscle tissue and balance. Restricting your range of motion means fewer muscles are activated and this means less fat burning. The limited range of motion also puts more strain on your joints, which can lead to pain and injuries.

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Fat-burning foods: Your Top 10 List

28 04 2011

Fat is on the rise.

Not just in children. When you age, your metabolism changes. It slo-o-o-ws.

After the age of 20, your metabolism slows down 2% every decade.  If you are in your 50’s, your metabolism has decreased by 6%. That means your fat burning capacity has diminished as well.

Although you may weigh the same, that doesn’t mean that you have the same body composition. If you weigh the same as you did 20 years ago, it means one of two things:

Your body fat has increased and you have lost lean muscle tissue (meaning you are not active) or your body fat is really the same (meaning you strength train).
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The food test that doesn’t lie – Acid vs. Alkaline

22 04 2011

Death is the worst that can happen.

Bold claim isn’t it? The fact is, an acidic body is a body that is just waiting for diseases to happen.

On the other hand, an alkaline body is a healthy body. The alkaline condition is optimal for your metabolism.

Since your metabolism is critical for your health, weight loss and youngevity, you should know if you are acidic or alkaline.
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